Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will gladly answer any questions you may have; however we also suggest you check our frequently asked questions below, as some answers may be shown already.

Moving In

What is the difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

At Trico LivingWell, the Independent Living and Assisted Living suites vary in design, including features, services, and amenities, as well as optional services. Connect with our Lifestyle Leasing Consultant for assistance in selecting the best option for you.

Do I bring my own furniture?

Yes, you can personalize your suite with your own furniture, art and collectibles that make you feel comfortable and at home.

Am I going to lose my independence?

On the contrary. Trico LivingWell is here to support you in maintaining your independence through a strong wellness culture that supports the importance of health, wellness and quality of life, allowing you to pursue an active lifestyle of choice.

Can I come and go as I please?

Yes. Trico LivingWell is your home and you are free to come and go as you please.

Can you accommodate special diets?

Trico LivingWell’s wellness menu offers a variety of nutritious and delicious dining options that include heart-healthy, gluten-aware, nut-free, textured and vegetarian choices.

Can I bring my cat or dog?

Pets can enhance your quality of life and are welcome in our community. However, there are some restrictions on the size and temperament of the animal allowed.

Do you have memory care residences?

Yes. Trico LivingWell’s Active Body Active Mind Memory Care Program is designed to support the cognitive, physical and functional abilities of persons living with dementia.

Do you offer moving assistance?

We are happy to recommend service providers who can assist you with everything from downsizing, selling your current home, moving and helping you to unpack and set up your new home.


What happens if I have an emergency?

Our on-site nursing team is available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies and ensure you receive the support you need.


What does it cost to live at Trico LivingWell?

We have a variety of suite sizes and services available in our residences for you to choose from, which will determine your monthly rent. Contact our Lifestyle Leasing Consultant to select the best option for you.

What are some additional costs to the monthly rent?

Depending on the lifestyle option you choose, there may be additional costs for cable, meals, personal care and additional services. Contact our Lifestyle Leasing Consultant to discuss the option that works best for you.

How are the à la carte options charged?

The à la carte charges such as additional housekeeping or personal laundry services will be billed to your monthly statement.


Who provides nursing and care to residents?

Trico LivingWell’s care services are provided by our on-site health care team of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)/Registered Nurses (RN) and Certified Health Care Aides (HCA).

What training do your staff receive?

Our staff are certified and licensed as required by the province, and receive on-going mandatory education and training on topics such as Trico LivingWell’s Care Philosophy, Infection Prevention and Control, medication management, dementia care and all federal, provincial and municipal legislation.

How do you determine the level of care/assistance?

Our Director of Health & Wellness will meet with you to assess your individual care needs and create a personalized wellness plan and goals for you.

Are there additional costs for care/assistance?

Depending on the type of care or assistance needed, there may be additional costs. Our Director of Health and Wellness can meet with you to discuss your individual needs and any associated costs.

Are all your staff vaccinated against COVID-19?

Yes, Trico LivingWell has a mandatory COVID vaccination requirement. All staff are required to show proof of vaccination of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination series approved by Health Canada.


Are there restrictions on visiting hours?

This is your home. Your family and friends are welcome to visit you anytime.

Can I invite guests to join me for meals, and is there a cost?

Yes, your guests are welcome to join you for meals. There is a cost as priced on the menu.

Can I have a guest stay overnight with me in my suite?

Your guests are welcome to stay overnight with you in your suite, or you can reserve our guest suite as available.