As one of Calgary’s most respected and innovative homebuilders, Trico Homes is proud to put our name and expertise behind Trico LivingWell. Our founder, Wayne Chiu, set out with the commitment to create the very best places to live, and has extended that vision to Trico LivingWell where individuals can age with purpose and passion, and live in comfort with confidence.

In a time of unprecedented change, Trico LivingWell is ushering in a bold new age where older adults are redefining aging and living life to the fullest. Our retirement communities are designed to empower those who embrace independence and active living – while facilitating inclusivity and togetherness through a holistic health, empathetic and personalized approach to aging.

Trico LivingWell is the first retirement community in Canada registered to pursue WELL v2 Certification, a vigorously vetted performance-based rating system for buildings with features that enhance human health and wellness. From our individual apartment suites to the master-planned approach in creating a supportive, inclusive and secure community – everything is built with the thoughtful attention and uncompromising craftsmanship that has come to define Trico Homes.

All operations are also managed and overseen in-house by our team, instead of contracted out to a third party. This ensures our care and our services are true to Trico LivingWell’s values and guiding mission.

We’ve taken great care to build a dedicated team of respected experts and health care professionals who share our vision, values and commitment to creating the best places to live – and the best places to age.

History, Vision & Mission at Trico Living Well


Enable a new age where older adults can aspire to enjoy life without barriers – and experience joy, personal fulfillment and enrichment opportunities while sharing a sense of connection to an inclusive community of peers.


To provide a welcoming home and inspiring community where a new generation of older adults are empowered to live their happiest and most rewarding lives – today and tomorrow.