WELL v2 Certification at Trico LivingWell

What is a WELL v2 Certification?

WELL v2 Certification is a vigorously vetted performance-based rating system for buildings that enhance health and wellness. There are 10 concepts of well-being in which the WELL Building Standard is categorized and assessed: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community.

Why is Trico LivingWell Pursuing WELL v2 Certification?

Wellness surrounds everything we do; it’s the foundation of our culture. It is our goal to curate a holistic WELL community, from build to operation, that truly supports individuals to live well and age well. That’s why Trico LivingWell is pursuing The WELL Building Standard’s WELL v2 Certification – and we’re the first older adult community in Canada to do so!

How is Trico LivingWell Pursuing WELL v2 Certification?

The 10 WELL Building Standard concepts above are reflected in our building design and range of amenities, our diversified approach to lifelong learning and programming, and the active participation of our residents, their families, and our team. Here are just a few of the highlights from our Health Oriented Mission that meet WELL Standards:

  • Superior air quality; MERV13 filters in every residential fan coil unit and HEPA filters installed in common areas and memory care (Air, Thermal)
  • Antimicrobial furniture and fixtures, slip-resistant flooring and low VOC paint for better air quality in all common areas (Air)
  • Availability of fruits and vegetables; nutritional transparency in our bistro where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice (Nourishment)
  • Our wellness programming & activities align with the 7 Dimensions of Wellness – allowing residents to continue doing the things they love through a balanced approach that promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. (Movement)
  • Active Body Active Mind Program focuses on supporting resident needs, interests, skills and strengths through purposeful programming and wellness living (Mind)
  • Large triple-pane windows for natural light exposure (Light)
  • The SHARC Energy system to reduce energy consumption by recovering thermal energy from wastewater – making a positive impact on the environment (Community)
  • Choosing building materials that take acoustic zones into consideration for the mitigation and management of sound. To view Trico LivingWell’s sound map, Click Here

Explore more about the steps and strategies we’re using to optimize each of the 10 WELL Standard concepts.

How we are able to achieve high levels of indoor air quality across a building’s lifetime.

How we maintain drinking water quality, distribution, and promotion within the building.

How we encourage the creation of food environments, where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice.

How we promote exposure to light and create lighting environments that promote visual, mental, and biological health.

How we promote physical activity through environmental design, policies, and programming.

Thermal Comfort
How we provide a maximum level of thermal comfort among all building users.

How we identify and mitigate sound that shapes our residents’ experiences in our building.

How we reduce exposure to chemicals that may impact health during the construction, remodeling, furnishing and operation of our building.

How we promote mental health through policy, program, and design strategies.

How we support access to essential healthcare and establish an inclusive and engaged community.

To learn more about WELL v2 certification, Click Here