Care Philosophy

At Trico LivingWell, the health of our residents comes first. We are compassionate in our care, accountable for our actions, treat everyone with respect and dignity, and create safe environments with quality air, water, nourishment, light, fitness and comfort. All operations are managed and overseen in-house by our team instead of contracted out to a third party. Trico LivingWell also has a mandatory vaccination requirement for staff. This ensures our care and our services are true to Trico LivingWell’s values and guiding mission.

Our care team is led by the Director of Health & Wellness (RN), Clinical Educator (RN), and includes highly skilled professional in-house staff (LPNs) and certified care staff (HCAs) that are on duty 24/7. Our robust orientation, ongoing training, and education sessions ensure we deliver the highest level of quality care to our residents.

With an emphasis on wellness, our care philosophy is built on a social model of care services, and takes person-centred care one step further to the relationship level. We recognize that for residents to be happy and fulfilled, we need to understand their past and present relationships with the individuals that may play a role in influencing their holistic wellness. This evidence-based, relationship-centred care approach informs and shifts our perceptions of what is meaningful, important and impactful in our care services.

By expanding our way of thinking beyond just the needs of the resident, Trico LivingWell’s unique care philosophy will focus on building and nurturing these relationships. Our Personalized Wellness Care Plans are developed in collaboration with our residents, their family & friends, and their care partners, to address the resident’s needs, preferences, and level of assistance required to help support them in remaining independent for as long as possible. With this approach, we create an enhanced care experience where everyone is informed and respected in the decision-making process.

Trico LivingWell is a congregate living community licensed under Alberta Health’s Supportive Living Accommodation Standards.

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