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November 7, 2022 | News Updates

Herb & Anita’s Journey to Living Well at Trico’s Newest 55-plus Residence

Enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle while connecting with peers and the greater community at Trico LivingWell

A big aspect of living well for seniors means freedom of choice. This along with many other attributes is what makes the Oak and Birch residences at Trico LivingWell in Calgary so special.

Designed for residents 55 and up who are looking to downsize and move into a retirement community without giving up their independence, Trico LivingWell has been built to support older adults living life to the fullest, regardless of their physical or cognitive ability.

Trico LivingWell’s developers recognized that individuals have their own unique aging journey, and they work with residents and their families to develop a wellness plan tailored to support their health and lifestyle goals – in addition to hosting holistic wellness workshops and wellness clinics. The residence is also pet friendly.

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