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July 6, 2022 | News Updates

Aging with Purpose & Passion

Aging with Purpose & Passion

Currently under construction, Trico LivingWell is a new residence for older adults being built at Kingsland Junction. The founder, Wayne Chiu, set out with the commitment to create the very best places to live and that vision has not been lost on Trico LivingWell, designed to let individuals age with purpose and passion while living in comfort with confidence. We spoke with Grace Su, executive director of Trico LivingWell, about this new facility opening this summer. By focusing on improving health and wellness, she says that the new facility will be a great addition to Calgary’s wellness scene.

Tell us about Trico LivingWell, which is set to open this summer?

Trico LivingWell is setting an innovative high standard, from build to operation, for aging-in-place older adult living to enhance human health and wellness, also building resilience and agility to be in a pandemic society. It is the first senior living in Canada that is pursuing the most vigorously vetted performance-based rating international standards, WELL v2 Certification, to enhance human health and wellness. Moreover, Trico LivingWell offers three value propositions to the middle-income market: Build Well, Live Well, and Age Well, to curate a wellness community with flexible lifestyle choices for active agers to love their days.

It’s a community where a social model of care and wellness services is practiced with a holistic approach to wellness as the primary goal. A community where resident-centered care is practiced with a focus on a relationship-centred approach to health and well-being. We get to know our residents through a holistic approach to assessments focused on gaining a better understanding of their cognitive, physical, and functional abilities — not their disabilities. We encourage our residents to remain independent and be in charge of their lives. Good health lies at the core of our response to our residents. Ensuring that older adults live healthier and longer lives will result in greater opportunities for a better quality of life.

What does it mean to age with purpose?

It provides a framework of principles that underpins the statement of commitment to the well-being of older adults. These principles include the promotion of well-being, choice, privacy and confidentiality, autonomy, personhood, honesty, transparency, and open communication, which are foundational to meaningful engagement. Trico LivingWell recognizes that individuals have unique values, personal histories, and personalities and that each person has an equal right to dignity and respect, and to participate fully in their environment.

When we use the term, “person-centered” and “relationship-centered” approaches we recognize that, in order to provide person-centered engagement, relationships and the principles of authentic partnerships are embodied within this approach. In Trico LivingWell we define “meaningful engagement” as being able to actively participate; it is the personal involvement and interaction with others that defines aging with purpose.

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