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In The Kitchen | April 21, 2022

WELL Concept of Nutrition Nourishment

Nutrition Nourishment

It is our goal to curate a holistic WELL community, from build to operation, that truly supports individuals to live well and age well. That’s why Trico LivingWell is pursuing The WELL Building Standard’s WELL v2 Certification – and we’re the first older adult community in Canada to do so! The WELL Building Standard is the most vigorously assessed performance-based rating system for healthy buildings in the world.


The WELL Concept of Nourishment requires the availability of fruits and vegetables and nutritional transparency. It encourages the creation of food environments, where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice. It also promotes sustainable food sources and kindness to planet Earth.

At Trico LivingWell, our WELLness Cuisine is much more than just nutritional and dietary-appropriate dining to meet an individual’s needs. It is about bringing back the enjoyment of dining and the curiosity and excitement about food. Our creative culinary team works with a registered dietician and Nutrition Nourishment program to curate a 5-week cycle seasonal WELLness menu that not only checks all the correct boxes but also delights your appetite, entices your curiosity, and gives you pleasure in fine and fun dining. Food is much more than nutritional value. It is also about the culinary experience that excites our palette and senses.

The WELL Concept of Nourishment

Interactive Teppanyaki Grill

Trico LivingWell supports healthy and sustainable eating patterns by increasing access to fruits and vegetables with menu items and counter displays, limiting the availability of highly processed foods, and designing environments that promote individuals toward healthier choices. Our commercial kitchen is equipped with comprehensive cooking tools with the objective of bringing about elevated, diverse, and culturally healthy dining options to our residents.

Residents have the option to choose when they’d like to take their meals within our open dining hours from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Several dining amenities are available including the main dining room, patio dining, private dining room, the bistro, and our chef’s demonstration dining counter. Tray service can be provided at a fee upon request. Bistro offers a pub food menu, a grab-and-go menu, and a drink and beverage menu.

Our Wellness cuisine tastes so good that you will have no idea that healthy dining can be so effortless!