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Blog | April 8, 2022

The WELL Concept of Water

The WELL Concept of Water

Concept of Water

It is our goal to curate a holistic WELL community, from build to operation, that truly supports individuals to live well and age well. That’s why Trico LivingWell is pursuing the WELL Building Standard’s WELL v2 Certification – and we’re the first older adult community to do so! The WELL Building Standard is the most vigorously assessed performance-based rating system for buildings in the world.

There are 10 concepts of well-being in which the WELL Building Standard is categorized.


Today we’ll talk about the WELL concept of water, which covers drinking water quality, distribution, and promotion within the building, as well as moisture management to avoid degradation of building materials and environmental conditions.

The high quality of drinking water at Trico LivingWell starts with source water from the Elbow River Watershed from the Rocky Mountains and Foothills, which benefits from minimal industrial or agricultural runoff. The City of Calgary then employs extensive treatment systems to produce and deliver safe, pristine drinking water.

Trico LivingWell will ensure superior water quality throughout the building, and promote hydration as a key wellness measure, both through drinking water access, and water quality transparency.

Our strategies include:

  • Rigorous on-site performance testing, both at construction completion and ongoing at regular intervals, targeting WELL’s Enhanced Water Quality optimization feature.
  • Active control of unintended moisture in the building from water infiltration, condensation, or internal leaks. The building envelope was designed to be fully enclosed with a vapor barrier on the inner sides of the exterior walls, and an air barrier on the outer sides.
  • An inside environment that was designed with materials and finishes that are generally non-porous and non-organic, so harmful molds and other biological agents do not have a platform or food source to grow on.
  • Ventilation systems that keep air moving throughout the building, further assisting in preventing condensation from occurring.
  • Easy access to drinking water throughout all the amenity areas, promoting hydration by meeting the WELL requirements for the number and spacing of water dispensers, and maintaining water taste quality.
  • Water sensor monitors are installed in all suites to detect and respond quickly to any possible water leaks.
  • Test results and information on treatment systems will be made available for occupants.

From build to operation, Trico LivingWell is fully committed to enhancing human health and well-being. You can explore the Well concept of air here.