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Blog | January 27, 2022

The WELL Concept of Air

It is our goal to curate a holistic WELL community, from build to operation, that truly supports individuals to live well and age well. That’s why Trico LivingWell is pursuing WELL Building Standard™ Version 2 (WELL v2™) Certification – and we’re the first older adult community to do so! The WELL Building Standard™ is the most vigorously assessed performance-based rating system for buildings in the world.  


Today we’ll talk about the WELL concept of Air, which aims to achieve high levels of indoor air quality across a building’s lifetime. The approaches to achieve this include reduction or elimination at the source, active and passive building design and operation strategies, and human behaviour interventions.

Trico LivingWell will have superior air quality in all amenity spaces, hallways, and residential suites. Our thoughtful design uses strategies such as: 

1) High ceilings to maximize air volume; 

2) Superior HVAC systems with HEPA air filters for all common amenity spaces and dementia care households, which will minimize harmful substances in the air, including influenza and coronavirus, smoke, pollen, and dust; 

3) 100% outdoor fresh air intake for all residential hallways; 

4) An individual cased and ducted fan coil system in every suite, with a MERV13 filter to provide independent heating, cooling, and extra air quality filtration; 

5) Every suite will be negatively pressurized, which ensures the direction of air flow is from corridor to suites to limit the transmission of harmful air particles; 

6) Localized HVAC air filtration devices for high traffic amenity spaces, to quickly filter out any harmful air particles;  

7) Smoking is prohibited indoors and within a 7.5meter radius from the site, not only for Trico LivingWell, but the whole Kingsland Junction campus; 

From build to operation, Trico LivingWell is fully committed to enhance human health and wellbeing.