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Blog | July 19, 2023

Gardening Tips and Tricks For Older Adults

Gardening Tips and Tricks For the Elderly

The beauty of a blooming garden and the satisfaction of a successful harvest are just a few reasons why gardening is such a beloved hobby. As we age, certain passions like gardening can start to feel more challenging as our mobility and stamina decrease. Check out the following tips and tricks to help you continue to nurture your passion for gardening as an older adult.

Warm Up

Gardening is a lot more than just flexing your green thumb! Just like any other physical activity, it’s essential to prepare your muscles for the extended periods of standing, bending, stretching, and lifting that are required to maintain a beautiful garden. Before you start gardening, make sure to stretch properly and pay attention to your body so that you don’t push yourself too hard.

 Drink Lots of Water

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially during hot summer days. If you’re in Calgary where temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees, staying hydrated is especially important. To avoid dehydration while outdoors, always bring a water bottle with you and take breaks to hydrate. You can find some more helpful tips on how to increase your water intake here.

 Protect Your Skin 

 If you are outside in the sun for extended periods, it’s important to remember to protect your skin. Sunburn can appear quickly, sometimes in as little as 11 minutes. To avoid sunburn, make sure to apply sunscreen every two hours while you’re outside. Wearing clothes that cover exposed and sensitive areas is also a great way to protect your skin from irritants and the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally, consider gardening in the early morning or late evening when the sun is not at its peak.

Consider Using Adaptive Tools

If you’re looking to make gardening tasks easier, there are many tools available that can help. Garden seats with wheels, reachers, grabbers, and tools with cushioned handles are just a few examples. You can find these tools online (Amazon has a whole section of gardening tools for older adults on their website), or at most gardening centers. These tools can make it easier to enjoy the benefits of gardening without the strain and discomfort that can come with it.

Join a Community Garden

Gardening can be a lot of hard work! Tasks like weeding, watering, pruning, and planting can take a lot of time and energy. By working as a team, these tasks become less time-consuming and more enjoyable. Not only does teamwork make the workload easier, but it also allows for socializing while working. This is also a great opportunity for you to provide mentorship by teaching your neighbors, family, and friends your own gardening techniques.

At Trico LivingWell, we have a community garden that brings joy to our residents and serves as a great common interest that brings everyone together. During our weekly Gardening Club, we take time to deadhead plants, catch up with each other, and spend quality time in the sunshine. It’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of gardening while also building relationships throughout our community.

Come see our community garden & more by booking a tour with us! We’d love to meet you.