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Health & Wellness | May 26, 2022

The Future of Wellness at Trico LivingWell

Kate Rosling | Future of Wellness at tricolivingwell

Kate Rosling Future of Wellness

Kate Rosling is the Wellness Program Lead for Trico LivingWell. With a degree in therapeutic recreation and gerontology, she has been working in the older adult industry for the past four years. Her passion for recreational therapy started young – she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t volunteering or working in the field. Here, she outlines her vision for the future of wellness at Trico LivingWell and the importance of wellness and activity in the lives of older adults.

A Vision for Wellness

At Trico LivingWell, we’re using programming that aligns with the seven dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, vocational, emotional, and environmental wellness. A lot of these dimensions overlap. For example, an outdoor art class with local students would really align with all seven dimensions. We’re excited to coordinate volunteer opportunities for residents and implement mentorships for those who’d like to remain connected to their industries, combining social, intellectual, and vocational. Of course, physical activity can be a really great opportunity for social interaction.

We’re going to have daily physical activities, art programs, and socials, but we’re also going to have a variety of special community events. I think it’s not only important to allow the residents to explore the community, but equally as important to bring the community to the residents. So, we’re expecting to have animal therapy, magicians, dance troupes, and other performances – more entertainment than just music.

We’ve also secured a bus service that will take residents and their guests to shopping centers, churches, or to the bank, but it can also take them to recreational activities that we’ve organized, like brewery tours or day trips to the mountains!

To me, the most important thing is getting all the different departments involved in recreation. I think it’s a great way for residents to bond with all staff members. When these different departments can participate in fun activities with the residents, it’s a good way to bond and a good way to build trust among residents and staff.

The Importance of Wellness

Wellness is everything. It’s amazing because it provides so many opportunities for older adults. It fuels their passions. It’s just wonderful to see them shine, see their talents. It really allows us to learn from them.

Everyone needs wellness. Our focus on wellness is not just for our residents, but also for our staff, visitors, and our community. We want to strengthen wellness for everyone in the Trico LivingWell community.

I’m most excited to try out the vocational and community aspects of wellness at Trico LivingWell, and also to implement some resident-led activities. We want to encourage our residents to start clubs – book clubs, birdwatching – and to host socials. It’s about encouraging community growth and bonding among our residents.

Overall, I’m really excited about what wellness is going to look like at Trico LivingWell. It’s well-rounded, it’s vibrant, and it’s passionate.