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Health & Wellness | June 16, 2022

The Benefits of Nature on Health

Benefits of Nature on Health

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors. You’ve probably heard that it’s good to get outside, but do you know why? Nature has many great benefits to take advantage of, from improving your physical health to boosting your mental health. The therapeutic effects of nature can help keep your body and mind healthy, no matter your age.

What can nature do for me?

“Catching my breath in the fresh air has always helped me improve my physical and mental health dramatically,” says Kate Rosling, Wellness Program Lead at Trico LivingWell. “From fighting diseases and enhancing mobility to boosting mood and improving brain function, the benefits of nature are extensive. Even going on a walk through the park with a friend improves one’s holistic well-being, providing physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and social benefits! Anytime the weather allows you to bring your activities outside – take it, you won’t regret it!”

What activities should I do?

While regular physical activity keeps your body in shape, it has also been shown to improve mood, much like exploring the outdoors. When we spend time outdoors, we tend to be doing physical exercise, whether we are out walking our pets, or playing a game of pickleball with friends. Time spent outdoors is known to decrease stress, benefit immunity, and lower blood pressure. Outdoor activities are a great way to connect with nature while getting the exercise that helps our bodies and minds stay strong and healthy. Conveniently located just 200 meters away from Trico LivingWell is the Kingsland Community Association, equipped with outdoor exercise equipment and overlooking the spacious Kingsland Park, which includes a baseball diamond, a soccer pitch, and paved walking paths. Also nearby is the Kingsland Off Leash Area, perfect for playing fetch, practicing mindful tai chi, or enjoying a picnic.

Outdoor activities don’t have to be strenuous, and you don’t have to live near the mountains to enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature. Relaxing on a bench at the park, going birdwatching, or tending to a garden are all accessible activities that are fun for people of all ages. Even 10 minutes a day spent under the sun can boost vitamin D and serotonin levels, as well as help you get a more restful sleep at night. Remember, when spending time outdoors, make sure to protect your skin with at least SPF 30!

At Trico LivingWell, we offer many outdoor activities and amenities to choose from, including pole walking, fitness in the park, and even a championship-grade pickleball court. Click here to find out more about what Trico LivingWell has to offer!