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Community | May 14, 2024

Debunking Common Myths About Moving to a Retirement Community

Moving to a retirement community is a significant life transition that can be very overwhelming based on how these communities are depicted. The stereotypical picture painted is as follows: you approach an institutional-looking, towering structure, the inside of the building adorned with sterile fluorescent-lit lights framing an eerily quiet corridor filled with identical rows of doors. Peering into the common areas, you find sparse, utilitarian furnishings arranged in neat rows, lacking of any personal touches or warmth. The dining hall is equally as somber, with meals served on plastic trays that are both mundane and uninspired.

While this dystopian picture of retirement living is a prevalent stereotype, this does not accurately depict the amazing retirement communities with fulfilling lifestyle options that are out there. Here are 4 retirement community myths that we’re debunking:

1. Moving to A Retirement Community Means Giving Up My Privacy

While moving from living on your own to living within a community is an adjustment, this does not mean you won’t have the space you need to rest and recharge. Many retirement living suites are built with older adults in mind, including accessibility features like wide doorways and bathrooms with grab bars, low threshold showers and comfort height toilets. These suites are also designed for convenience, often including kitchenettes, private balconies, and in-suite washer and dryers. With all these features included in your suite, you’ll have everything you need to retreat for some much-needed peace and quiet. At Trico LivingWell, our suites include these features and more to ensure the privacy of our residents. In addition to this, our building was constructed with concrete for increased soundproofing, and we have secure entrances with patrolled security, 24/7 video surveillance, and FOB access.

2. Retirement Communities Are Boring

A good retirement community will offer more than just a common area and a fuzzy tv. At Trico LivingWell, we have an entire theatre dedicated to not only having comfortable movie nights, but showcasing local musicians, talent, and speakers. We have a fitness centre, creative studio, spa and games area right in our building. We also offer a rooftop garden for our residents to use, complete with a barbeque to enjoy good food and company while appreciating the spectacular views. With this variety of amenities, our residents are able to fuel their passions and discover new interests independently or with friends.

3. I’ll Lose My Sense Of Identity If I Move

It can be easy to feel like moving to a new living situation means giving up individuality. This comes from the fear that everyone there will be subject to the same day over and over again due to a lack of variety in programming and less autonomy. At Trico LivingWell, we understand that connecting to our purpose is rooted in exploring our passions, strengths, and interests that give us opportunities to grow and evolve. Accordingly, we create unique care plans with our residents family, friends, and loved ones to ensure that residents are able to stay connected to their purpose. Through daily scheduled activities and collaborations with leading academic, arts and cultural organizations throughout Calgary, we support our residents in active living and lifelong learning.

4. I’ll Lose My Independence If I Move

There is a common misconception that retirement living communities impose restrictions and restrict the personal freedom of their residents. This, coupled with leaving home for a structured environment, can feel limiting. The reality is that good retirement communities are designed to help seniors maintain independence for as long as possible. At Trico LivingWell, we saw the need for a living option for a vast community of Canadian seniors who faced the challenge of independent living but did not require all the services of assisted living. To meet this need, we created Inclusive Living, which provides residents with lots of flexibility, including a suite with a kitchenette, washer and dryer, cable, and phone services, and their choice of two meals a day and weekly housekeeping. This ensures our residents spend more time doing things they love.

5. Retirement Living Food Is Bland and Unappetizing

This might be the most prevalent myth about retirement living. As many seniors may begin to find it challenging to stand for extended periods of time, use the stove, and prepare foods, they are facing the reality that they are no longer able to make their favourite meals. This, coupled with the emotional value food has for many people, can make the thought of allowing someone else to cook for you very overwhelming. However, retirement living dining is far from mundane and uninspired. Trico LivingWell’s culinary team is led by award-winning Executive Chef, Liana Robberecht, who has helmed some of Calgary’s top kitchens and is renowned for her creative cooking style and farm-to-table philosophy. We’re proud to serve up a mouthwatering variety of nutritious meals and wellness cuisine paired with flexible dining plans to choose from. We also ensure that our wellness cuisine is diverse and reflects a range of cultures and dietary needs, with the health of our residents top of mind.

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