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Blog | July 4, 2023

Bridging The Generation Gap

Bridging The Generation Gap

Are you looking for more ways to connect with your grandchildren and younger family members? It can be tough to bridge the gap between generations, but building and nurturing these connections is worth it. Keep reading to discover the benefits of spending some quality time with the younger generation.

Connecting With Younger Generations Allows You to Mentor

As an older adult, you carry a lifetime of wisdom. Whether you’re telling a story about a time you learned a valuable lesson or sharing a family tradition, this form of mentorship can be just what a young person needs as they prepare to navigate the stages of adulthood.

In these relationships, you often take the role of the student as well. Kids growing up in the digital era have an abundance of knowledge on the ever-changing technology landscape that they are eager to share. While technology can be frustrating, a few simple tips and tricks are enough to help you connect with them (and others!) in unique ways.

Connecting With Younger Generations Reduces Misconceptions About Aging

We often fear what we do not understand, and aging is no different. Aging is affiliated with things like depression, loneliness, and grumpiness. In reality, many people report being happier as they age. The best way to normalize aging for young people is by simply connecting them with someone who has done it. Sharing the joy and satisfaction that come with a life well-lived reduces the stigma and misconceptions around aging while setting the precedent that this is a natural process.

What If I Don’t Have Younger Family to Connect With?

Many organizations that provide programming for youth will have opportunities for older adults to get involved. At Trico LivingWell, we are taking a unique approach to this by hosting a group of Trico Centre summer camp youth called the Innovators. This is a creative leadership program that introduces youth to community initiatives, volunteerism, exploring personal interests, organization, and interpersonal skills. Throughout the summer, they will be joining us to lead and participate in our art, music, and wellness programming. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with the younger generation this summer!

To learn more about Trico LivingWell’s community events, click here.