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Trico LivingWell In-House Artist, Bridget, and a resident enjoying the sunshine during our Stampede breakfast.

Stampede History: A Look Back At 4 Unique Snapshots

Stampede: This iconic Calgary event is a defining feature of our city, but how did it become the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth? While there is some debate about when this festival officially started, the rodeo component can be traced back to 1912 when it was promoted by an American trick roper named Guy Weadick. […]

Older adult taking a picture of her personalized suite in retirement living.

5 Of The Best Ways To Personalize Your Suite In Retirement Living

  When you move to retirement living, personalizing your suite is a great way to make this space feel like home and fill it with personality. Adding your personal touch to your surroundings is a great way to warm up the space and make you more comfortable. Here are some simple ways to personalize your […]

Senior woman using a laptop computer in her suite, learning about how to avoid digital scams

Digital Scams – 5 Tips For Seniors To Maintain Digital Health

  In the digital age, scams targeting seniors have become all too common, exploiting their trust and unfamiliarity with constantly evolving digital platforms. Here are some practical tips to help seniors identify and avoid digital scams. Know The Common Scams In 2024, the following scams targeting seniors are common: Government Impersonation Scams: With this tactic, […]


Happiness For Seniors: Well-Being in Your Golden Years

  What does it take to feel happy? The concept of happiness varies from person to person, and achieving it involves a mix of biological, psychological, and environmental elements. Through research, science has started to demystify what makes us feel happy. Here’s what we’ve learned, with some specific insight into how happiness can be nurtured […]

Myths About Retirement Living

Debunking Common Myths About Moving to a Retirement Community

Moving to a retirement community is a significant life transition that can be very overwhelming based on how these communities are depicted. The stereotypical picture painted is as follows: you approach an institutional-looking, towering structure, the inside of the building adorned with sterile fluorescent-lit lights framing an eerily quiet corridor filled with identical rows of […]


Celebrating Mom: Thoughtful Ways Adult Children Can Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day – an occasion to celebrate the determination, resilience, and strength of our mothers, or whoever has filled this role, who have given us endless support as we navigate life. For senior mothers, this day may have extra special meaning as they reflect on the shared memories as they have navigated motherhood throughout their […]


Chick Hatching at Trico LivingWell

Welcoming New Life at Trico LivingWell Starting in late March, the Trico LivingWell team and residents took on a very special role – parents to a group of baby chicks! We decided to take part in the Nanny McCluckins Chick Hatching Experience, where we had the chance to set up an incubator, place eggs, and […]

Heart Health Blog

Taking Advantage of the Summer Season to Improve Heart Health

  As the sun shines down on us and flowers begin to bloom, the outdoors begin to beckon us to spend more time in nature. With more time outdoors comes the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities like gardening, pickleball, hiking, biking and more! As with any physical activity, being active outdoors […]


The Link Between Dementia and Vascular Disease

In March, Trico LivingWell had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending ‘Voyage Into Vasculature’, an educational session held by Alzheimer Calgary. This session, led by experts in the field from the University of Calgary, explored the relationship between dementia and vascular health, as well as provided some tips to build resilience and protect both our […]

NA-5093-737 (1)

A Look Back In Time: Kingsland Junction Throughout History

Nestled in the Southwest quadrant of Calgary, Kingsland Junction is home to approximately 4,800 residents, including all of us at Trico LivingWell! How did the Kingsland Junction we know and love become what it is today? Before the hustle and bustle of the residential buildings and businesses, this area was acres of farmland owned by […]