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Senior woman listening music with headphones in the park

The Benefits of Music For Older Adults

By arranging sounds, we create music. But music means so much more to us than this simple definition implies. Through elements like rhythm, melody, and harmony, music expresses ideas and evokes emotions. Music is timeless – bringing back cherished memories, elevating our experiences in the present moment, and giving us hope for the future. While […]

3 Autumn Preparation Tips For Seniors

As we head into September, signs of the arrival of autumn are  all around us – crisp air, the beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds of changing leaves, and an abundance of delicious comforting meals as farmers begin to harvest. Autumn also marks the beginning of changes to the weather. As the temperature drops, it is […]

A mature adult woman is at a routine medical appointment. Her healthcare provider is a black woman. The patient is sitting on an examination table in a clinic. She is smiling at the doctor. The doctor is checking the patient's blood pressure.

Heart Health: Tips For Older Adults

As we enter our golden years, our hearts undergo various changes that need to be considered for our overall wellness. With so much health information out there, it can be tricky to know where to start! We’ve compiled 3 tips to get you started on your healthy heart journey: 1. Get Moving Every Day By […]

Colorful refreshing drinks for summer, cold strawberry lemonade juice with ice cubes in the glasses garnished with sliced fresh lemons

Strawberry Lemonade | In The Kitchen

Beat the summer heat with a refreshing pitcher of Strawberry Lemonade! Cool off and quench your thirst with this delicious drink, courtesy of our Front of House Server, April. Ingredients:  1 lb of strawberries; cleaned, trimmed, blended, and strained 10 lemons, juiced 1-2 cups sugar or other sweetener of choice (optional) 4 L of cold […]

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Gardening Tips and Tricks For Older Adults

The beauty of a blooming garden and the satisfaction of a successful harvest are just a few reasons why gardening is such a beloved hobby. As we age, certain passions like gardening can start to feel more challenging as our mobility and stamina decrease. Check out the following tips and tricks to help you continue […]

A fit ,senior, Asian Grandmother smiles with her children and mixed-ethnic grandchildren while posing for a selfie in a park garden.   Real, three generation family including a senior woman, mature adult son and daughter and teenage grand-daughters.  An assisted living facility can be seen in the background.  Camera point of view.

Bridging The Generation Gap

Are you looking for more ways to connect with your grandchildren and younger family members? It can be tough to bridge the gap between generations, but building and nurturing these connections is worth it. Keep reading to discover the benefits of spending some quality time with the younger generation. Connecting With Younger Generations Allows You […]

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The Benefits of Socializing on Health

The sun is shining and it’s time to get social! Whether it’s chatting over coffee or taking a nice spring walk with a friend, being social does a lot more than boost our mood in the moment. Read on to learn some of the long-term health benefits that result from socializing. Being Social Helps Build […]

A senior couple taking a closer look at their budget in the comfort of their home.

The Retirement Living Checklist

Making the move to retirement living can be an overwhelming process. Here are five factors you should consider as a part of your retirement living checklist: Timeframe When do you foresee your move taking place? In many cases, the timeframe of your move may not necessarily be dictated by a want, but a need. Have […]

“The Grandmothers” created by local artist, Veronica Funk.

The Grandmother’s Art Exhibit

International Women’s Day is next week and we are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive art exhibit “The Grandmothers” created by local artist, Veronica Funk. Bring your grandmothers, mothers, sisters, caregivers, leaders and change makers and join us in honouring all of the incredible women in our lives! This event is free to the […]

Maple Apple Bacon Holiday Stuffing

Maple Apple Bacon Holiday Stuffing

Switch up your stuffing! Try this delicious recipe for a flavourful stuffing that is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving meal, courtesy of our Executive Chef Liana Robberecht. Ingredients 4 cups cubed bread (1-inch pieces) 4 diced celery stalks (1¾ cups) 1 cup diced apples, cored 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tbsp olive oil ½ […]